Monday, December 17, 2007

Lost Britney Spears Ends Up at Hustler Store

Lost Britney Spears Ends Up at Hustler Store

It was back to the Hustler store and Starbucks for Britney Spears last night, as the pop tart wandered out of her spot at the Four Seasons Hotel to run a few errands.

Dressed in a frilly black barely-there dress and her trademark pink wig, the adventure started out with a stop at her favorite java spot.

After grabbing a beverage and hitting the exit, reports tell: "She then made an illegal U-Turn to hit the Hustler store where she recently shoplifted."

But for some reason, Spears decided to drops her Po*n plans, as sources at the scene inform: "But she didn't go inside. Instead, biting her fingernails, she stayed in the parking lot, telling photographers she was lost before driving back home."


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