Saturday, December 15, 2007

Hilary Duff Talks About Weight Issues

Hilary Duff Talks About Weight Issues

Spotted out at Barney's of New York in Beverly Hills on Saturday for a little retail therapy, Hilary Duff recently spoke to Access Hollywood's Maria Menounos about weight issues in Hollywood - offering up her take on the controversial issue.

"In Hollywood there's a lot of pressure, at least in the weight category. How do you deal with that?" Maria asked Hilary.

"They said things before, you know like, 'Oh my gosh! She's gained weight!' And then I lose weight and then it's, 'Oh my god, she has lost too much weight!' I think that when you just laugh about it and you don't let it effect you. It's easier said then done, definitely, because it hurts your feelings and it gets to you, and we're just human," Hilary tells.

And while the 20-year-old is quite comfortable with her current physique, that doesn't mean that she goes without working out.

"I work with a Pilates trainer," Hilary revealed, adding, "I am so bad at exercising outside of Pilates. It's just not fun, it's like I just can't make myself go."


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