Saturday, November 10, 2007

Priyanka & Harman: Kya pyaar hai!

Priyanka & Harman: Kya pyaar hai!

Not all love stories in filmland end like the Shahid-Kareena and Lara-Kelly ones.

Priyanka and Harman’s story is another tale which has survived the test of time and, has set an example in this love lost Maya Nagri.

After wrapping up a hectic shooting schedule for Drona in Namibia, Ms Chopra is back in B-town. And once back in the city, she’s making up for all the time lost with good friend Harman by spending as much time with him as possible.

Over the weekend the couple was seen at Sanjay Kapoor’s house, celebrating Shah Rukh Khan’s birthday and later they attended a private screening of Om Shanti Om.

This is one couple that believes in public display of their love and affection. Pyaar kiya to darna kiya? What say guys?


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