Saturday, November 10, 2007

Priyanka Chopra's quiet Diwali

Priyanka Chopra's quiet Diwali

Being under the arc lights for a majority of time, actress Priyanka Chopra is glad to have celebrated the 'festival of lights' at home this year. "Diwali, this year, was a quiet family celebration. Dad is home now, so we are happy about that. We did a little pooja, and the festive ambience took over completely," she tells us.

Has celebrating festivals changed post her actor-status, as being away from home is not unusual anymore? "Not quite. It was a family affair then, it's a family affair now. And we all try to be together on important days," says PC, who we hear could give any of Charlie's Angels a run for their stunts, if talks of her recent antics for her forthcoming film are anything to go by.

News about Indian Cap, MS Dhoni having 'bowled' her over, for example, ate away quite a bit of newsprint and television airtime. "That rumour had me 'stumped'," she remarks wittily. "I've met Dhoni only a couple of times. I've interacted with him at a very formal level, and don't know him well personally." What about talks of her having propositioned marriage to beau Harman Baweja? "I am very busy shooting, and I really don't know how all these rumours begin. I'm married to my work right now, and can't think of a second marriage for a long long time."

While some couples promise to shout from the rooftops once they decide to marry, others prefer their sacrosanct union with their better halves to be a hush-hush affair. Which category does Priyanka belong to? "I really don't know. Will I be the 'Loud Speaker' or then the 'Quiet Whisperer', that's something even unknown to me," says the diva, who is currently enjoying her years in the movies


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