Monday, November 19, 2007

Keri Russell Rides The Promotion Train

Keri Russell Rides The Promotion Train

She was in NYC Sunday night for the premiere of "August Rush," and it looks like Keri Russell never made it out of the Big Apple.

The "Felicity" actress was at MTV studios yesterday for an appearance on Total Request Live. Then this morning she chatted up her new movie with the folks over at the Today Show.

And while her TV/film career is the most obvious thing we see about her, Keri recently became a mother- a step that has changed her live considerably.

She told press, "I'll definitely bring him to sets….though I've been in denial, thinking I wouldn't need help, but I guess I will. It's just the idea of someone else taking care of my kid is so weird to me. It's crazy! Friends of mine sent their kid to, granted, a really cool school in California, but it costs 30 grand a semester. For junior high! Do you know how much college costs? Who can afford that? I figure we need to find a full-time babysitter before we start dealing with that stuff."


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