Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Kiran Bawa hosts a do in mumbai.

What does one expect when a bunch of friends from the fairer sex come together for a health and beauty treatment? An afternoon well-spent in good company with wine, gossip and snacks doing the rounds – for that’s exactly what Kiran Bawa’s friends indulged in.

As usual, she was the bubbly and gracious hostess who made sure her guests got the best treatment.
Pooja Ghai did not go for any of the treatments but just chilled out with her pals, as she revealed, I have already done them before. Anu Ranjan seemed to be pre-occupied about getting back to office.

She was all excited about getting Sreesanth to be the first bowler in the cricket match organised by her the following Sunday.
But after Pooja Batra made an entry, she stayed back for some more time to catch up with her. The leggy Pooja was all giggles while undergoing pedicure, I am getting tickled,” she said. Later in the day, she made an appearance at a fashion do in the city. Talk about party hopping!

Bhavna Jasra, was seen telling everyone about reflexology. Being at a disadvantage where her height is concerned (she is very short), she was heard saying that the treatment has really helped her .I have to sport high heels that hurt most of the times. But after reflexology, I feel fine.

Maninnee Mishra admired a guest’s kantha sari and got nostalgic about her Bong antecedents. It was a chilled-out afternoon which extended to an equally fun-filled evening as the ladies continued to do their catching up.


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