Thursday, October 4, 2007

Jennifer Lopez, Marc Anthony Kick Off Joint Tour

Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony took the Etess Arena stage at Trump Taj Mahal in Atlantic City last night (September 28).

The first of two sold-out Jersey shows marked the start of a nationwide tour for the husband-and-wife pair, who are both promoting new albums.

Meanwhile, much of the focus continued to center on whether or not J Lo is pregnant. According to a critic on hand, “J Lo’s costumes did little, if anything, to quell the growing rumors that she is expecting. Lopez opened her set wearing a pair of flowy, blue bell-bottoms and a matching baby-doll top with, um, plenty of room to grow.”

And even though Lopez recently called the rumors untrue, a London newspaper is offering up evidence to the contrary.

Apparently, people from the entertainment bi-monthly Invincible interviewed J Lo early last week to cover her new album, Brave.

When they asked about the baby rumors, here’s what transpired:

Invincible: Are you pregnant?
Lopez: question

Invincible: Come on J.Lo we are all family now and everyone is bound to find out at some stage and what is the point hiding it? Are you?
Lopez: Maybe...and that’s all you are getting (she smiles.)

Invincible: I take that as a yes...Thank you so much for having us…
Lopez: No, thank you.


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