Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Irrfan's big role in a mighty heart!

Contrary to speculations about the limited screen time given to Irrfan Khan in the Angelina Jolie-starrer A Mighty Heart, we would like to inform you after watching the film at a special screening that Irrfan has a substantial role throughout the movie.
Irrfan's character has been named Captain and this led people to believe that the role would be limited to one or two scenes.
However Irrfan plays a major character in the film and is
responsible for taking the story forward.

Captain is introduced 20 minutes into the film after Marianne (Angelina Jolie) learns that her husband Daniel Pearl (Dan Futterman) has gone missing in Pakistan.
The Captain is the chief of the Pakistani intelligence agency and is introduced to Marianne via the American consulate in Pakistan. As the kidnapping of a Wall Street Journal journalist becomes a major problem for the country due to their close ties with America.
It is up to him to find Daniel, arrest the kidnappers and save Pakistan from international embarrassment.

Due to his past international credits such as The Warrior and The Namesake Irrfan Khan bagged the role even without auditioning.
In his interview given at the Cannes Film Festival Irrfan Khan said he viewed the role as giving something back to society while being in the generously rewarding (money, fame) profession of acting.
Unfortunately, Irrfan Khan wasn't able to meet the character due to his high profile. He was only able to have a chat with him over the phone once.

Irrfan was only able to meet Angelina Jolie once the shooting had begun. In fact even Angelina remarked about why they hadn't been introduced before, "Why aren't we being introduced? Is it for the reality of the moment?
Because of the hype surrounding her arrival, Irrfan admits that his perception of her was being influenced and this caused him to stop reading the newspapers outright so he wouldn't be judgmental of her.


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