Thursday, August 30, 2007

Jessica Simpson Dinner Theatre

Jessica Simpson Dinner Theatre

How surprised would you be if you were out to a lovely elegant dinner and all of a sudden Jessica Simpson showed up crooning her little heart out? Well, diners at Shreveport, Louisiana’s Olive Street Bistro were surprised as heck!

The former Newlywed star chose the restaurant to celebrate her BFF/hairstylist Ken Pave’s birthday, and decided to give him an impromptu concert for the occasion.

Marshall Collier, a dishwasher at the Bistro, sat down at the piano to play for the restaurant’s guests when Miss Simpson approached him to choose some selections to sing. And everyone was thrilled to hear the “Sweetest Sin” singer belt out old standards like “Desperado” and “Midnight Train To Georgia.”

Even restaurant owner Fernando Maldonado was all smiles over the performance. He was so thrilled, he offered Simpson a regular gig at his restaurant. “It was so fantastic. Jessica is welcome back here any time.”

Enjoy the pictures of Jessica on a lunch outing over the weekend (August 25).


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