Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Shaving for the part

Shaving for the part

As Aamir Khan -- ever one for look-altering roles -- prepares to go bald for his upcoming Ghajini remake, we check out other Bollywood heroes who have gone bald.

Salman Khan might have sported a floppy new trendsetting hairdo, but Tere Naam also saw him go smooth.

Akshay Kapoor went all ganja-like in mutant movie Alag.
Of course, seeing as we didn't really know him, this change wasn't as drastic -- co-star Dia Mirza seemed quite enamoured though.

Kamal Haasan went pretty mad with Abhay.
By which we mean his bald head was the sanest thing in the film.

Saif Ali Khan did everything needed for Omkara.
From close-cropped hair to muddy skin and an extended red fingernail, he was believably Langda Tyagi.

And finally, for all those who haven't yet managed to make it into the packed theatres showing Rajnikanth's latest magnum opus Sivaji has a pretty bald moment too. Check it out.


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